Is Color Really Important?

Color is an amazing thing. It moves us in art, brings us joy in a garden, gives comfort in our homes. Color makes an impact in your wardrobe, too. Some colors will detract from your beauty making you look tired, aged, or lackluster. Your best colors will enhance your beauty making you look fresh, healthy, and vivacious.

The first and probably the most important step in looking your best is getting a Personal Color Assessment. A consultant will determine your Color Code so you know which colors that will best highlight your beauty.

There are several personal color assessment methods out there. It can seem overwhelming and confusing! The most common are seasonal which categorize by the basic four seasons – fall, winter, spring, and summer – or expand those to 12 or 16 seasons.

Put those out of your mind! To determine Color Code, I use a system developed by Shari Braendel of Fashion Meets Faith that is based on dominant color characteristics – hair, skin, and eyes. They work together to determine the colors that look best on you. Hair is NOT disregarded, as it is in some systems. Your hair can be your most dominant feature. How can it not be factored in? Skin undertone is great for choosing foundation color but it’s more subtle than your dominant skin overtone – light, medium, dark. The lightness, brightness, or deepness of your eyes is as important as their color.

You can see in the comparison photos below that the best colors for my Color Code (Cool) are much more flattering than the colors of my opposite Color Code (Warm). In the sample colors on the bottom, while they aren’t terrible on me, I look a bit tired, blotchy and a little older. In the sampling of my best colors on the top, my skin looks more even, and I look healthier and more energized. I shine! They harmonize with my natural coloring bringing about a more cohesive appearance.

Cool on top, Warm on bottom. My Color Code is Cool

The famous Reba McEntire is the opposite Color Code of me. She’s in the Warm Color Code. You can see how she radiates in those colors in the bottom photo! The colors in the top photo of the Cool Color Code, again, aren’t terrible but they compete with her beautiful coloring, grabbing the attention away from her instead of enhancing her and directing the eye to her face.

Cool on top, Warm on bottom. Reba’s Color Code is Warm

Want to discover the colors that will make you glow? Contact me for a Personal Color Experience or take the free quiz here: then contact me for confirmation of your results!

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