Style Tip: Match Your Shoes To Your Hair

Match your shoes to your hair…what?? Yes! When in doubt or if you can only afford one pair, make sure it matches your hair. The same goes for your purse. Your look will be sort of bookended and you’ll appear put together.

You might be skeptically wondering how that can be. Shouldn’t the shoes you choose to wear depend on the colors in your outfit? Well, not necessarily. Sure, wearing shoes that match your trousers, coordinating with your outfit, or picking a pop color to add a bit of pizzazz can look fabulous! But what if you don’t have shoes that are an amazing pop color or that match your outfit? What if you just aren’t sure or can only afford one pair of shoes? Matching your hair will ensure an attractive outfit.

Let me explain by starting with your personal coloring. Your Color Code is determined by your dominant color characteristics – hair, skin, and eyes. You look your best when the colors you wear harmonize with your personal coloring.

That’s where matching your shoes to your hair comes in. If your clothes are harmonizing with your Color Code, of which your hair is a key factor, it only stands to reason that, if your shoes match your hair, they will harmonize with your outfit, too! Remember, this also applies to your purse.

(photos used in collages were taken from Pinterest)

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  1. Christina says:

    Well done!!

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      Thank you! πŸ˜€

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