Swimsuit Shopping with Confidence

It’s that time of year again. Swimsuit season. Yay. We all love to go to the department store, weed through a bunch of swimsuits that *might* work, and head to our favorite place…the dressing room. Right? Who doesn’t enjoy standing in a stuffy little room with horrible lighting while dressed in the least amount of fabric we’ll publicly wear as we look in a mirror that makes us look like we’ve gained 10 lbs. since we parked our car? That’s a real confidence booster, isn’t it? <insert eyeroll>

It doesn’t have to be that way. If you know the swimsuit features that will best flatter your body, shopping can actually be enjoyable. It sets you up for success which boosts confidence in your appearance. You’ll be objective about what you see in the mirror, critiquing the SWIMSUIT, not your body.

Always start with your best colors taken from your Color Code**. Then bear in mind some specific tips based on your body type…

If you have a B body type (extra weight in belly):

  • Choose a swimsuit with extra spandex or lycra
  • A pattern will be more flattering than a solid and will keep the eye distracted
  • Try a flowy swimdress, a blouson or tiered tankini, or ruching detail
Examples for a B body type *

For a D body type (hips wider than shoulders or extra weight in derriere/hips/thighs):

  • Choose wide straps
  • Avoid halter top styles
  • Choose the darker colors in your Color Code on the bottom or a skirted bottom
  • Look for horizontal detail on the top
Examples for a D body type *

To balance an O body type (overly endowed bust, extra weight in upper midriff):

  • Support is KEY! Look for a swimsuit with a built in bra or underwire
  • High cut armhole will keep you from spilling out at the sides
  • V-neck will be the most flattering
  • Choose the darker colors of your Color Code
  • An all over print keeps the eye distracted
Examples for an O body type *

To enhance a smaller bust:

  • Choose interesting details on the top, e.g., ruffles, ruching, gathers, contrast
  • Light colors (in your Color Code) on top will help create balance
  • A pattern – on top it will give the illusion of volume, all over it will keep the eye distracted
  • Built in padding is an option
Examples for a smaller bust *

To balance shoulders:

  • Halter styles will narrow wide shoulders by drawing the eye inward
  • Wide straps, especially set toward the end of the shoulders, will widen narrow shoulders by drawing the eye outward
Examples for balancing shoulders*

If you lack waist definition:

  • Look for swimsuits with shirring or ruching in the middle
  • Crossover detail in the middle
  • Patterns that create the illusion of a waist or all over to distract the eye
Examples to create waist definition*

No matter what particular body type or feature you want to address in your swimsuit, remember that ALL bodies are SWIMSUIT BODIES! You are beautiful the way God made you. Wear the swimsuit. Play with your family. Take the photos. Enjoy your summer. Be assured that your family loves YOU in whatever shaped package you’re housed.

Happy swimsuit shopping…with confidence!

*swimsuits are from Land’s End, RoseWe, and Bare Necessities

**Book an appointment for a Personal Color Analysis to learn your Color Code

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